Energy Visualisation - The Key to Business Progression

Energy Visualisation - The Key to Business Progression

Energy Visualisation - The Key to Business Progression

Energy Visualisation - The Key to Business Progression

Why is energy visualisation the key to business progression?

Why is energy visualisation the key to business progression?

What is Energy Visualisation?

Energy visualisation explained

Energy visualisation is the process of using graphical representations to display energy data. This can include information like energy consumption, energy sources, and energy efficiency. The goal is to make complex energy data more understandable and accessible to a wider audience.

By using charts, graphs, heat maps, and other visual tools, energy visualisation helps in identifying patterns, trends, and areas that need improvement or further investigation in energy use.

Energy visualisation is particularly useful in energy management, allowing both individuals and organisations to make more informed decisions about energy consumption and conservation.

What does the data tell you?

Making use of energy visualisation can help businesses understand their energy usage and the reasons behind their energy prices and usage patterns.

Businesses can also view where their energy is being used the most, and the least, helping them to create a more efficient system as they can upgrade inefficient technology and parts of their building.

This all leads to a more streamlined use of energy, with clear indications of where a business can further improve, and become more sustainable.

The benefits of energy visualisation for businesses

  • Cost Savings: Energy visualisation tools help businesses identify areas where they are using more energy than necessary. By providing a clear picture of energy consumption patterns, these tools enable businesses to pinpoint inefficiencies and take corrective action.

    This can lead to significant reductions in energy bills and operational costs. Additionally, it allows for more accurate budgeting and forecasting in terms of energy expenditures.

  • Reduce Energy Usage: Through detailed visualisation, businesses can monitor their energy usage in real time and make immediate adjustments to reduce consumption. For example, they might identify equipment that is consuming energy unnecessarily during non-operational hours.

    By addressing these issues, businesses can significantly lower their overall energy usage, contributing to cost-efficiency and operational effectiveness.

  • Increase Sustainability: Energy visualisation plays a crucial role in helping businesses understand and introduce carbon reduction. By providing insights into which activities or processes consume the most energy, companies can implement more environmentally friendly practices.

    This not only aids in meeting regulatory standards and achieving sustainability goals but also enhances the company's image and reputation among environmentally conscious consumers and stakeholders.

  • Compliance and regulations: Energy visualisation is a key tool for businesses in adhering to various compliance and regulatory standards related to energy usage and environmental impact. With the increasing focus on reducing carbon footprints and promoting sustainable practices, many governments and international bodies have introduced strict regulations and guidelines.

    Energy visualisation enables businesses to not only monitor but also report their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in a transparent and verifiable manner.

    This accurate and detailed reporting is crucial for complying with regulations such as the UK's Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive, and other global environmental standards.

How you can implement energy visualisation?

Visualising your energy can be easier than you think, Insight is a free tool which can show any type of business their energy data. From consumption heat maps to annual CO2 emissions, the simple interface can guide you to a cut on your energy costs, a reduction in usage, and a more sustainable business.

Insight is a part of the Industrion tool set. Industrion is a customer portal which holds the key to controlling your business energy and taking the weight of rising prices off your shoulders.

With tools to help find the best prices and energy contracts for your business, view real-time usage data, and space to keep all of your energy-related documents all in one place.